Pergolas, North Shore and Northern Beaches

Every day, Australians seek to bring the outdoors into their living environments, and create open spaces for outdoor dining, living, and entertaining. As our new build homes get smaller and our backyards shrink in proportion, we have come to miss the communion of outdoor spaces with our living and dining areas.

Brehar Building understand the need for our North Shore and Northern Beaches clients, who own properties in these areas, to take advantage of the picturesque outdoor lifestyles that this environment has to offer. In order to live in the best possible location, sacrifices in size and space often need to be made.

Thankfully, Brehar Building provides the opportunity to create a cost-effective addition to your living space with a professionally constructed pergola. A quality pergola can add precious square metreage to your home, and open up the living and dining space.

Want more space in your home?

If you are thinking about building a pergola, Brehar Building can offer critical advice on how to make the most out of your outdoor space and create cohesive additional living spaces that will open up the interior of your home.

Brehar Building has created pergolas that meet all sorts of unique and imaginative criteria. We have created pergolas that have acted as entertainers' kitchens, and we have constructed pergolas that provide a parent's or teenager's retreat.

A pergola can have the element of privacy, it can be shaded or let in light, it can have a high access route from the main home to truly integrate it as a living space, and it can even be soundproofed to provide a quiet retreat.

Local regulations

One thing about building a pergola is that in many locations, pergolas require council permits and will need to adhere to local laws. There are valid reasons for these restrictions. For example, if you are building in a bushfire prone area, you will need to put serious consideration into the types of materials you will use for construction. You may also come up against colour and style restrictions if you are building in certain estates or in heritage listed areas.

Brehar Building is the local company for North Shore and Northern Beaches pergola builds. As part of the local community, we understand the way local government operates, and we are familiar with local laws and regulations.

Style preferences

Here is where form and function need to come together to take care of your practical and aesthetic needs. Pergolas will not only extend your living space; if they are executed well, they will also increase the market value of your North Shore home. The colour scheme, the shape, and even the materials used will all contribute to creating a feature out of your pergola.

Brehar Building can handle any pergola job, including a pergola that has mood lighting for entertaining guests on hot summer nights, or heating for that parent's retreat when winter kicks in.

Brehar Building is the quality builder for Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches. We are passionate about building, and no job is too big or too small. Call us now to discuss opening up your home with the use of a pergola.

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