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For many generations, we built our homes with the kitchen separated from the formal dining and living areas. In recent decades, our thinking has changed to a more minimalistic design, where sleek and open kitchen, living and dining are all visible in a streamlined view. Brehar Building offers quality kitchen wall removal services. Our experienced team are passionate about building, so we can create an impressive, modern space where older, smaller spaces have previously dominated.

Why undertake kitchen wall removal?

Purchasing a home on Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches means that you may be buying an older property. The benefits of buying an older build are numerous, starting with the fact that many older homes have been built on larger blocks, and the structural integrity of the homes have already withstood the tests of time. However, the disadvantages are that the interior designs of these homes are not only a little tough on the modern eye, but they don't suit our contemporary lifestyles.

Homes built before the 1990s tend to be heavily divided into many rooms. Brehar Building is typically asked to step in to modernise a home by knocking down a wall in order to achieve a more modern look or feel. Our customers want to achieve a higher sales price for their home in the competitive markets of North Shore and Northern beaches, or they want a greater sense of comfort in their older home.

Brehar Building

We offer you an obligation-free quote for kitchen wall removal. We urge you to provide as many details about the scope of your project as possible and provide these to all those you have invited to quote on your project. People tend to be surprised when they start ringing around for quotes for kitchen wall removal and realise that the job is not going to be cheap or easy to finish.

Brehar Building - process for kitchen wall removal

  1. Assess whether the wall is structural, and what temporary support structures will be necessary to support the roof and ceiling during the job.
  2. Put in the preventative materials necessary to ensure that flooring and ceiling materials are not damaged by the equipment or processes involved in completing the job.
  3. Determine and erect a permanent structural support after the wall comes down.
  4. Remove and dispose of debris, which may be acquired as a cost to the builder.

What does it cost to knock down a wall?

It's difficult to quote on kitchen wall removals as a single, non-structural wall will be an inexpensive job, but a large structural wall that requires other trades, such as a plumber or electrician, may become expensive.

Local council may require permits or specific regulatory standards. A local building company, such as North Shore and Northern Beaches' Brehar Building, can help you to submit plans and reports to local council.

If you're going to make permanent changes to the structure of your home, count on a name that you can trust. Brehar Building is the company to call for all North Shore and Northern Beaches kitchen wall removals. We are passionate about building and offer quality service.

Kitchen Wall Removal Testimonial

We were really impressed with Matt Brunel and would certainly consider using BreHar in future for any work we do on our home. Matt was always great at communicating with us and offered advice on the order of things to be done, trades we should contact, things to consider etc which we really appreciated, especially given this was the first real building work we'd ever had done & were a bit lost! Please pass on our thanks to him.

Gondola Road - Kitchen Wall Removal

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