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If you need a decking area for your home on Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches, consider whether you want the job done professionally by a multi-talented construction team such as Brehar Building.

A well-constructed deck is a wonderful addition to any home. It increases the size of your living area and provides that all-important indoor/outdoor cohesion for when we want to escape from our busy lives.

Any deck installation requires important knowledge about footings, structural supports, efficient egress, and local laws and regulations. On top of that, great decks require a working knowledge of best practice materials, attractive design elements, how to work with the right materials, and other considerations such as lighting and usage.

Brehar Building isn't just a decks builder. We build quality homes and offices around Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches. As a team of tradespeople, we can undertake any large or small project when it comes to building a deck.

Call Brehar Building for help with planning your deck

A decks builder is not only there to work with hammer and nail on the construction of your deck; planning your deck on Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches is as important as the rest of the project. They say that for every minute you spend planning, you save an hour in error. Brehar Building will help you to plan your project and ensure that you comply with all necessary building regulations. A professional decks builder will also help make you aware of the many decking options available, as we have seen many of the best decks that North Shore and Northern Beaches have to offer.

Consider using specialised materials

It's not just a case of choosing a wood that you like. Decks are an important part of your home and they need regular cleaning and maintenance to stay safe and to maintain their aesthetic appeal. Choosing the right construction materials for your deck will not only add value to your home but will ensure that you don't have to spend hours on cleaning and maintenance.

Consider that a deck doesn't have to be a few planks of wood with no imagination. If you want your deck to be a little more functional, consider whether the deck could be multi-level, whether it will be covered, whether it will need railings, and what it will ultimately be used for. A deck that will be used for a barbecue and a dining set will need to be made of a different material to one that will be used for a fire pit.

A good tip here is to consider both wood and composite materials for your decking. A professional decks builder like Brehar Building will be able to help you design a deck that makes use of the most suitable materials.

Landscaping using construction with Brehar Building

If you don't have the room to branch out, you can consider going multilevel and creating more spaces that catch the sun and offer shelter where you need them to. Don't forget, if you are decking at any height, a railing is not only a safety concern - it will also enhance the look of your deck.

Let Brehar Building help you think outside the box

Don't be locked into any one colour or shape. Feel free to experiment with textures and geometry. If your deck speaks of the same tones as your living space, you have effectively opened the eye to your deck being an outdoor living area.

Brehar Building is Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches premier decks builder. Speak to Brehar Building for a deck that will enhance your lifestyle and increase the value of your home.

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