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Brehar Building have constructed a number of commercial buildings across Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches. Our portfolio is expansive, as commercial building is our passion.

When you deal with Brehar Building, you are dealing with a building company that is not too small and not too big. We have ten full-time builders on staff, and extensive contacts with other trades, including plumbers and electricians. We offer the highest quality service, which is what differentiates us from so many other commercial builders.

Choose Brehar Building as your commercial builder

Choosing a commercial builder may feel like an overwhelming task. As small to medium business owners, we understand that you need to focus on your core task of running your business in a seamless way while construction is occurring at your physical site.

The success of your business will depend on the quality of your commercial build. When you hire a builder, make sure that they can go through the whole process with you. You need a building company that offers an end-to-end process, or you will end up project managing a construction that you aren't qualified to oversee.

Before contacting a builder

The first step that you need to take before contacting a commercial builder is to create a clear picture of what you want. First, you need to identify your needs and have a clear image in your mind of how your new space will need to operate. Then, you need to be able to communicate your ideas with a builder. Knowing what you want and being able to explain it to the builder who knows how to achieve your goals are at the crux of your project's success.

Get a quote, or three

Most North Shore and Northern Beaches businesses will have internal policy that requires a number of quotes before any big job. Make sure that each builder receives the same information, including the scope of work, warranties and insurances required, and time frames. Assess the price, but be sure to also assess reputation and references, and look at the builder's portfolio. Price should never be the only determinant to your choice of builder.

May the best builder win

Choose a builder that not only delivers a good quote, but that communicates well. At the end of the day, you will need to be able to convey your ideas to the builder, who will be spending a lot of time on-site to ensure your vision becomes a reality. Make sure that you can trust the builder's reputation, and that they have sufficient connections with other trades and the expertise to complete your job.

Take advantage of local knowledge

Choosing a builder from Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches means that you are hiring someone with local knowledge and history. Not only will they understand local regulations and requirements, but they'll also be there for you if you need to follow anything up.

Commercial builders are there to help your business advance through the physical integrity of your building. Brehar Building has extensive experience in commercial builds across Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches.

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