About Brehar Building

At Brehar Building, we have four core values that we strive to achieve, day in, day out:


This doesn't just refer to the build itself, but also the materials used and labour performed. Without the proper care and knowledge of how to complete a project, quality is usually the first element which is compromised.
We know the trust you are instilling in us and we take that responsibility extremely seriously when delivering upon the key outcomes.


We know how powerful word of mouth can be when it comes to referral work. With this in mind we work tirelessly to ensure that any clients that engage Brehar are ultimately left with a result that exceeds their expectations.


Maintaining careful vigilance throughout the project, no matter how seemingly minimal the area may be, results in happy clients and top-quality work. All of the staff representing Brehar Building follow strict guidelines from start to finish, allowing for an exceptional outcome.


While many say it, it truly exists in few. The passion that we have for all things building can easily be seen when we discuss your project. From new buildings to renovations, decks and extensions to pergolas and a lot more, we live and breathe building. We are more than happy to share testimonials from clients who have seen this come through in the work we have done.

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Brehar Building are proud members of the Master Builders Association

Call us on +61 416 346 208 to speak with one of our friendly representatives directly, or if you'd prefer you can send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.